Meeting the creators of tomorrow: the contest

All throughout our journey, we have met professionals from different countries with multiple experiences and we have faced those who work with passion in this sector.
In celebration of our first ten years, we wanted to create a link with the future creators, by imagining an opportunity for young jewellery creators with an opportunity to confront the vision of those who have chosen to walk the professional path.
We are curious to discover the ideas, the creativity and points of view.

In collaboration with the AFEDAP school of Paris, we launched the Contest for the creation of a jewellery that celebrates our 10th anniversary, asking participants to interpret the logo created for the occasion and integrate our latest advertising campaign, Shaping inspiration.

Based on our guidelines, the students have created their own designs creatively using the products of our G-Silver shop combining with their materials such as silk, wool, plexiglass, mother-of-pearl and silicone.
Each student interpreted our brand with a personal vision and a new use of the aspects that characterise us.

It is now time to select the five finalists who will receive a voucher to make their own jewellery piece, evaluated according to the indications provided, the quality of the drawing and the originality and portability of the jewellery.
The vote is entrusted to all our registered customers and to the technical jury that we gathered for the occasion, four figures linked by a deep subject knowledge and experience in the sector: Aline Kokinopoulos, craftswoman and creator of jewellery and objects; Antoine Puygrenier, jeweller and collaborator of G-Silver; Franck Massé, plastic sculptor and co-director of AFEDAP school; Matteo Gemo, founder and director of G-Silver.

The projects of the five finalists will thus become reality and during the month of August, their creations will be the object of a second vote which will take into account the respect of the initial drawing, the technical capacities, the portability of the piece as well as the character and quality of the achievement. The three winning projects will be rewarded at our September event in Paris with the purchase of the jewellery created and a voucher to spend on our online store.

If you are curious to learn more about participating projects, discover them in the Contest section and meet the students who have chosen to join our initiative in the section dedicated to participants.

Good luck to all young creators!